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138 Loureyro Road, Suite B
Santa Barbara, CA 93108


Nuvigreen Productions is a client-centric studio with a focus on creating real, fresh content  for people, the planet, prosperity and posterity. We work with corporations, non-profits, small businesses and individuals. Our services include:

Digital film production 
Public relations
Social media
Scientific, technical & environmental topics
Customer stories & more
Overflow contract marketing
And… movie/photo location scouting in beautiful Santa Barbara

Sea the Change

‘Sea the Change’

‘Sea the Change’ is a phase I love, a play on word and the name of this blog. It's more fun to have an intriguing name for a blog, right? The word blog is dull; it sounds like…well…blah.  

To me, there is more to the name than using it to be clever. The sea rules my life and yours, forming Earth's life-support system. It bathes more than 70% of the planet. Much of the air we breathe is made from tiny plants that drift along in silver-blue currents. It's home to bizarre, amazing, colorful creatures. It feeds us and provides a place for us to play, recharge and explore. So many things are waiting to be discovered in the Big Blue. And valued. It’s a beautiful, dynamic system. My happy place.

If you want to read a good book about a life with and for the ocean, check out Sea Change: A  Message of the Oceans by Dr. Sylvia Earle, one of the world's most famous oceanographers, the first National Geographic Explorer-In-Residence and winner of the 2009 TED Prize. I had the honor and pleasure to meet with her last week to discuss a film project that was inspired by her documentary called Mission Blue. She deemed me a "kindred spirit." I came away inspired to take chances and work towards positive change, for myself, my work and the ocean world I've loved all my life.

As for change, the only thing certain in this life is change. It’s nature’s constant, abiding force. Best to face it and embrace it, without fear, with hope and joy in your heart.

I hope these commentaries provide you with examples of real, fresh content about people, the planet, prosperity and posterity. Nuvigreen is: creativity + passion+ humor.




Leadership: The "sprouting" of Nuvigreen Productions

Sarah Ettman-Sterner


My AUSB Women & Leadership certificate: it's more than a piece a paper, it's a key to Nuvigreen Productions success!

My AUSB Women & Leadership certificate: it's more than a piece a paper, it's a key to Nuvigreen Productions success!

Saturday, October 11th was a totally (pardon my French) kick-ass day for me and Nuvigeen Productions. It was one small step for man and a giant step for womankind. On that day I graduated from the inaugural cohort attending the Antioch University Women & Leadership Certificate Program in Santa Barbara. This 10-month journey provided me with the skills and expertise I needed to pump up my personal and professional leadership tool kit.


I learned the lingo of leadership (yes, it’s really a language!), recognized my authentic voice and confirmed what I knew all along - that when men and women are recognized equally and come to the table to work together, organizations significantly increase productivity. Work-life balance is mythical to some extent. What works is being in the moment and setting priorities on the key things you want to get out of work and family, instead of being all things to all people and ending up being/feeling mediocre at it all. This program transformed me by getting me to focus on my own personal mission and vision and channeling my intellectual energy into the “spouting” of Nuvigreen Productions. It gave me a sandbox to try out new ideas, work through the fear that comes from moving from leading teams in a corporate setting, to leading myself in a new paradigm as an entrepreneur. It allowed me to take risks. I learned the value of utilizing emotional intelligence and my new favorite term…strategic patience.


When I started AUSB W&L, I hoped the program would be the kick in the pants I needed to continue my passion to create real, fresh content, specifically films, for people, the planet, prosperity and posterity. I was not disappointed; it did that and so much more. I developed warm, supportive relationships with rock star instructors Judy Bruton, Carole Tisson, Cindy Levine and Polly Chandler, along with my mentor Vicky Riskin. I got excellent advice from leadership experts including Jon Goodman, Tracy Williams, Risë Philips and Graciola Montgomery. In thinking back on the experience, it came to mind that the program did not advertise its most powerful secret ingredient that 16 lucky students found along the way. I’m referring to the meaningful relationships we developed with each other. I’d like to thank Esther Aguilera, Bonnie Baranoff, Sonia Barbey, Lisa Cardoso, Jill Dumain, Jean Flanagan, Cassie Gibson, Keri Goldberg, Kim Heidt, Alisha Holley, Phyllis Krekel, Nicole Louderback, Julie McGloin, Trudie Olsen-Curtis, and Tracey Ryan for their wisdom and friendship. My hope is that we will continue to cultivate our circle of support so it lasts a lifetime.