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138 Loureyro Road, Suite B
Santa Barbara, CA 93108


Nuvigreen Productions is a client-centric studio with a focus on creating real, fresh content  for people, the planet, prosperity and posterity. We work with corporations, non-profits, small businesses and individuals. Our services include:

Digital film production 
Public relations
Social media
Scientific, technical & environmental topics
Customer stories & more
Overflow contract marketing
And… movie/photo location scouting in beautiful Santa Barbara


Sarah Ettman-Sterner, Producer/CEO, Nuvigreen Productions

“ Bula! That’s Fijiian for “hello.” I love documentary film-making about people and  the natural world. It’s a sensory experience that’s the perfect combination of visual, audio and written communication that provides a teachable moment for change. Topics that interest me range from from the ocean environment to healthcare and biotechnology.  Interviews, customer stories and testimonials are some of my favorite projects, along with filming environmental topics for “edutainment” purposes. Writing is also my forte. I enjoy crafting content for the web, press releases, public relations campaigns and print. I also work on film treatments/scripts, contracts, licensing, shoot plans, location scouting, and post-production. I am honored to work with clients who put their trust in me to represent their brand and image.”

The details: A magna cum laude graduate of Wheaton College in Norton Massachusetts with a degree in biology/marine ecology and minor in education, Sarah is a member of Phi Beta Kappa and is currently attending the new Women and Leadership graduate program at Antioch University in Santa Barbara. Previously, she was responsible for web, marketing, public relations and production for Jean-Michel Cousteau’s Ocean Futures Society. During her ten-year tenure with Mr. Cousteau, she created content for The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie and Ocean Adventures, a PBS television series now in international broadcast. Sarah forged co-branding and funding relationships with Dow Chemical Company, Paramount Movie Studios, Ritz Carlton Hotel Company, La Prairie Cosmetics, Under Armour, GANT and Tilley Collectibles.  She most recently served as Director of Communications at Sansum Diabetes Research Institute, a world leader in innovating research, education and care to conquer this serious disease. She previously served in marketing management for biotech and software corporations, in addition to her 22+ years of experience in the non-profit sector.

Sarah was born and raised in Miami Shores, Florida.  She is a curious and avid international traveler with a passion for tropical islands. Fiji’s coral reefs, Belize’s tropical rainforests, Paris and the South of France hold a special place in her heart, as do her beloved sons, Nick and Niles.

Click here for Sarah’s credits.

Jim Knowlton, Executive producer and director of photography

Cameraman, editor, post-production supervisor, Blue Ocean Productions

 “I was born with a wetsuit on, a camera in my hand, love all things ocean and am passionate about shark conservation. To me, sharks are the ultimate underwater film subject. They are beautiful animals and an evolutionary work of art. They are so misunderstood in their role as top predators and because of their bad rap, I am dedicated to sharing their natural history with the public. When I’m topside, I enjoy learning about and filming companies and their products. I specialize in documenting people, their culture and family stories. The documentaries I produce and photos I shoot are centered about making our planet a better place."

The details: Jim combines 15 years of experience working on Shark Week documentaries for the Discovery Channel, on the series Jean-Michel Cousteau Ocean Adventures for PBS, on My Father the Captain: Jacques-Yves Cousteau, on Superfish Bluefin Tuna for National Geographic, and on hundreds of short films, promotional videos, public service announcements and sizzle reels. 

Jim is director of photography, writer and editor on SWAINS ISLAND: One of the Last Jewels of the Planet - a 60 minute film about Jean-Michel Cousteau's journey to this tiny island located 200 miles north of American Samoa. This film will release during late 2014.

Gear: Jim has a complete video production package including a Canon 5D Mark lll, a Sony EX3, a Zoom H4N Sound recorder, a Rode Video Mic Pro, a Senhieser ME-66 shotgun mic, Lav mics, RPS Studio Lights, Varizoom tripod, grip stands, Aquatica and Amphibico underwater housings, Sola 2000 underwater video lights, and more.

RAW video with Magic Lantern software: Jim shoots with a Canon 5D Mark lll and he can shoot RAW Video using Magic Lantern software. RAW video offers 10 bit color, greater dynamic range and sharper video. To learn more about RAW video read his post about the benefits of shooting RAW on his blog at: Jim Knowlton's Blue Ocean Blog.

Knowlton's Dive Certifications:
Open water diver SSI, Advanced Open Water Diver PADI, Rescue Diver - PADI, Advanced Nitrox Diver - TDI, Enriched Air Nitrox Diver - IANTD, Draeger Rebreather, Nitrox Gas Blender -TDI, Decompression Procedures Diver - TDI, Inspiration Rebreather Diver. 1000's of dives completed using SCUBA.

Click here for Jim’s credits.

Ruth A. Von Eberstein - Graphic design professional: creative director, project manager, design consultant RAVE & Associates

 "I am dedicated to living a healthy lifestyle that includes exercise and supporting local organic farmers by shopping at our farmer’s market. This way of life fuels my creativity. I love to set the tone, mood and feeling that a client wishes to express in designing their logo, literature, packaging or website. I enjoy the challenge of integrating content with design through the use of color, patterns, type, and the judicious use of white space - all essential elements that go into fulfilling project goals. I work to go full circle from initial concepts to the reality of a quality final product that meets and perhaps exceeds expectations.”

The details: Ruth launched the graphic design firm RAVE & Associates in 1995. Her clients are both local and international and include members of the food, medical, literary, high tech, financial, legal, environmental, and consumer products, services and film industries. With more than two decades of experience as an art director, production manager and consultant, Ruth is a veteran design professional.

She uses a variety of software to create unique and memorable visual imagery, primarily Adobe Creative Suite, Photoshop and Microsoft Office.  Her skills set encompasses:
Art/creative direction
Branding & identity
Direct mail
Public relations
Project management
Scouting & directing photography
Interior design

Learn more about Ruth.

Cynthia Burt, Website design, plein aire artiste extraodinaire

 Cynthia Burt Creative

“I make creativity a part of my daily life. In addition to building websites and other design materials for clients, I spend my free time painting. I have developed my métier as a nocturne landscape painter. After shutting my computer down for the day, I head out to paint the full moon rising, the crescent moon set or a busy urban scene. The artistic expression I experience through my painting adventures supports my creative thought in my day to day design pursuits in the technical world of website development.”

 The details: Cynthia has been a professional freelance designer since 1991. She specializes in the food, hospitality & nonprofit industries. She is also the former Art Director with The Balance Bar Company. Her area of expertise is website development, print and digital material design. She primarily uses  Creative Suite Apps, CSS & HTML5.

Lerina Winter, Photographer

Winter Creative Co